Following are some of the additional proposals and projects needing our support. Please pledge your donation and/or volunteering time to support these. Thanks!

Completed recently:

Early Relief

Flood response and proposal


Still Ongoing:

Original report & proposal on Livelihood Support Programme in Ganjam -CoSA

Partnership with Vikash Educational Charitable Trust (VECT): support and train college students and Hudhud cyclone assistance in Vishakapatnam

1/5/2014 A field report


SEEDS members provided leadership and collaborative help to Odisha Society of the Americas in order to define and execute the first Odisha Public eLibrary project. See

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kantkunal2013 · August 9, 2014 at 3:48 am

This article gives very innovative thinking for newbies. Who ignore that its too difficult to help and take early relief to the sufferers. Through this article we gain much more knowledge. It works like energy booster for the social workers like us. Thanks for the innovative thinking. Keep blogging.

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