Updates on the Model Libraries for the Chief Secretary Aditya Padhi, Odisha

Dated: Nov 3, 2015

Hope this finds you in the best spirits. I had promised some updates on the current status. There are two parts: 1) The development and work we have been doing or trying to do in Brahmapur with our donations/already-allocated funds for crafting a model urban library vision for Brahmapur
2) The second concerns the overall Public Library Act of Odisha, and its Rules Notification.
  1. I am attaching here the letter I drafted for Mr. Sushant Satapathy, the OSA president to send out to Ganjam.
  2. The second is our request to you and the summary of the situation on the Public Library Act implementation. I will be happy to hear any inputs/feedback you may have.

NROs in America urge CM to expedite implementation of the long overdue Odisha Library Act

Recently the president of Odisha Society of the Americas (OSA), Sri Sushant Satapathy, sent a follow up letter to Chief Minister Sri Naveen Patnaik to expedite the implementation of Odisha Library Act 2001, which is pending for last 14 years. He has expressed his sincere thanks for the visiting Govt. of Odisha delegates comprising Culture Minister Sri Ashok Chandra Panda, Mass Education Minister Sri Debi Prasad Mishra, MLA Sri Priyadarsi Mishra for the OSA Public Library Panel Discussion that was held during OSA Annual Convention in Washington, DC. During the panel discussion questionnaire, the culture minister Sri Ashok Chandra Panda responded that Notification of rules of Odisha Library Act, will be completed by end of December 2015. He also mentioned it had been submitted to Select Committee of the assembly for approval. The NROs appealed the CM to give top priority to the order of Notification Rules and its effective, speedy implementation as this Act was passed 14 long years ago in assembly.

A well-integrated Public Library System has proven to be the key catalyst in socioeconomic development in Developed economies. Even in India, during August 15th, 2015, Govt. of Kerala State has declared it to be the first digital state in India with 100% mobile penetration and broadband Internet connectivity at Panchayat level. Kerala has an excellent Public Library System. A well-integrated Public Library System would not only potentially

create an opportunity to be a digital state, but also propel a stronger economy for our state, Odisha. The central Govt’s visionary “Digital India Initiative” and the “National Mission on Library(NML) Scheme” solicit active participation from states, and it can greatly supplement vision of a well integrated, modern Public Library System in Odisha. The modern library is not limited to books or even e-books only, but will work as resource center for better access to information, knowledge and engender transparency and cohesiveness in a community. The letter described the rationale of the great need and the wonderful opportunity to seed a bright future for Odisha’s people with proactive actions.

It may be noted that the National Knowledge Commission (NKC) was set up by the Prime Minister with the challenging mandate to transform India of the 21st century into a knowledge society. We feel the NRO effort would also enable and catalytically activate the spirit of the NML’s plan, in Odisha context, to create and fund a National Virtual Library of India (NVLI) to facilitate a comprehensive database on digital resources in the nation.

OSA is planning to celebrate the Notification of Rules of Odisha Library Act in upcoming OSA convention in 2016 in Boston. Earlier OSA had contributed 40 lakhs to Govt’s CMRF to build one Urban Model Library and two Rural Model Libraries in Ganjam, Balasore and Mayurbhanj in the Phailin and flood affected area. OSA Public Library Committee has been closely working with CMO, GA department, District Administration for such Information & Communication Technology (ICT) enabled Model Public Libraries.

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