Recent E-letter to BMC

from: Dr. Darshan Patra <>
to: Arati Rath <>,
culture ganjam <>
I am following up on the current status and plan/schedule for the OSA public library projects in Brahmapur -- including the major initiative for the MKCG Research Library (MRL).
Please update us with detailed information.
We recently came to know that a new BMC commissioner has joined. First, we welcome Sri Sushanta Mishra! 
Second, we would like to be assured that the new municipality commissioner is fully informed on the project(s) and is actively working on the commitments made by the Ganjam district govt. and the municipality nearly 18 moths ago.
Furthermore, let us know how we can help you so the Berhampur/Ganjam citizens receive the benefits envisioned and funded through our initiatives, and supported by your implementation and execution.
Please add any emails of officials that I may have missed but should be in the loop.
With best wishes and regards,
Dr. Priyadarsan Patra
On behalf of the Odia diaspora and volunteers in North America
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