Letter to Secretary Sri Aditya Padhi

Dated: Jan 27, 2015
Greetings! On behalf of the Odias of North America, I need a small help from you.
Very briefly, we raised about 40 Lakhs Rupees amongst ourselves, in the wake of Phailin disaster in Odisha, to help the major affected regions with some long-term help. We have donated that funds to the Odisha CM's Relief Fund with our wish for fund utilization for some enduring projects that can benefit most people of the regions. The current Odisha Society of Americas requested me and a couple other individuals to analyze the situation and come up with an impactful plan/vision -- and after many deliberations, last year we formulated a "Model and Modern Library" project for the three major regions affected by Phailin for the people's long-term benefit.
We have discussed the matter with, and obtained agreement from, some GoO officials including some people in CM's office and Mr. Niten Chandra, et al. However, for an efficient and timely execution, I need your help.
Please see the attached letter that GoO has apparently sent to the 3 DM's (Brahmapur, Mayurbhanj and Balasore). Unfortunately the letter does not state the budget allocation or the plan we had submitted -- we have allocated 26 Lakhs to Berhampur, and 7 lakh each to Balasore and Mayurbhanj.  I also had the OSA officials clearly state the budget allocation and recipient. I and my colleagues have surveyed the existing libraries and we have fairly detailed improvement plan and have worked with the local people (civil society and municipality).
What remains is clear instructions to the district magistrates who we hope will supervise the completion of the projects. (I can share a lot more about our vision and plan later, if you wish. I have also visited several libraries and spoken to municipality leaders, etc. in Berhampur, e.g.).
So my request to you is to push this "approved and funded" model library plan with clarity and efficiency with your weight behind it -- please ask Mr. Nitish Chandra, IAS to drive this to the district levels on priority.
Hope you won't mind contributing to a vision and financial support we are creating for a much needed development benefiting the masses.
Best Regards,
Priyadarsan (Darshan)
President, Pacific Northwest Odisha Society and Model Library Initiative vision member
EX- General Secretary, Odisha Society of the Americas