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A milestone reached!

Library Rules notification in Odisha news (Dharitri Aug 9) — see the image on left. Reference:¬†Dharitri News Here is another news source: Odisha Govt to set up Public Libraries across the State On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 7:36 AM, Dr. Darshan Patra <> wrote: This is great news (seems finally!). Let’s get the copy […]

A Proposal For Model Modern Public Library-Community Center-Cyclone Center As Phailin Long Term Rehabilitation

  Prepared by Nishikanta Sahoo (on behalf of the Public Library Comm. and OSA)   Mission: Establish a modern public education platform for access to information, creating opportunities to learn, grow, and empower individuals, and building a stronger community.   Objective: In response to Phailin disaster, OSA requests that its donation be used by Govt. […]