unnayan HIG-143,KANAN VIHAR,PHASE-1, PATIA BHUBANESWAR-751031 ORISSA, INDIA Financial Statement in respect of Mahila Shantisena Programme,Mayurbhanj, Orissa supported by AID Philadelphia and SEEDs for the period 01.05.2006 to 30.06.2007   Receipts Amount(Rs)   Payments Amount(Rs) To Opening Balance:    By   Consultative Meet Expenses       16,536.00   To Cash in hand                      -    By  Training of Trainers      36,865.00   Cash at bank                    -    By  Training of women peace workers       80,039.00      By  Intergroup visits expenses      11,751.00        By  Docu , Adm & Personnel Cost:   To Bank Interest       1,876.00 Bank charges         2,092.00 To Local Contribution       9,610.00 Salary      60,000.00     Travelling Expenses      29,091.00   To Grant in aid:   Documentation Expenses      11,000.00   Aid Philadefia   362,370.00   Office Expenses ( tel, staionery etc)      19,405.00   SEEDS     73,138.00   435,508.00 Monitoring Expenses        36,419.00      By  Closing Balance:         Cash in hand            149.00     Cash at Bank    143,647.00         446,994.00          446,994.00 (Rashmi Mohanty) Secretary UNNAYAN


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