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The Odisha Public eLibrary finally staffed and open!

It’s an immense pleasure to see that our 4-year long effort finally sees the light of the day — it moves from its original location to the Brahmapur Town Hall and opens to public. The new BMC commissioner Mr Rathore took some decisive and quick steps to correct the previous indecisiveness in staffing the previously allocated library building near KC Town high school.

Computers at the previous location (MKCG Research Library building in front of KC Town High School)

The elibrary materials (computers, network, and other movable components) were moved to the Town Hall near the Khallikote College. The Odisha Public eLibrary was relocated and reopened on April 4, 2018 at the Town Hall in presence of the local MP, MLA, Mayor and Municipality Commissioner.

Local citizens and govt officials trying their hand at the eLibrary computers.

The officials look on during the opening event.

The librarian (on left) and the 4 local management committee members on the right.


A lot more work remains — to make this infrastructure fulfill its potential to become a truly valuable resource for the communities around it!


One of a several news articles on this is here:

Note: Although the opening of the eLibrary at the old location was delayed possibly due to some reasons, there was an unexpected windfall: the new commissioner offered the Town Hall building to alleviate two concerns we originally had. They are a facility for parking for visitors and a staff dedicated to the library. The original adversity (of delayed opening) turned into an apparent advantage.

Updated: April 12, 2018 — 8:06 pm

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