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Odisha Public eLibrary is slated for inaugural on Aug 31,2017

Public libraries play a crucial role in development of any society, as it provides an egalitarian, secular platform for informal education and training to all. In the aftermath of 2013 Phailin disaster in Ganjam area, several members (Non-resident Odias) of Odia organizations in North America, such as OSA and SEEDS, raised some donation for the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Subsequently a few bold and visionary member-volunteers took upon to use this donation to build a low-cost but modern and model public library in Brahmapur. This vision centered around a primarily electronic library for the people with the help of govt and BMC collaborating with these visionaries and Brahmpaur-area volunteers to rebuild and create a modern facility. It is called the “Odisha Public eLibrary”, situated close to the BMC office.

This is a unique, first-of-a-kind digital library in Odisha with facilities ranging from computers, internet, eBooks and eLearning, to specialized skills training — an overall playground of creativity and education for our students and youth.

Citizens are highly encouraged to take advantage of this facility and contribute to its growth & health. It can be an example for the whole state, to usher in modern electronic access for the men and women, children and the seniors, all alike. We hope Govt officers and BMC will work with the volunteers, donors and the thought-leaders to make this a shining beacon for years to come.

Updated: August 26, 2017 — 12:38 am

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