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First Detailed Proposal on Model Library to Odisha Govt.

A Proposal For Model Modern Public Library-Community Center-Cyclone Center As Phailin Long Term Rehabilitation   -By The Odisha Society of the Americas(OSA)   Mission: Establish a modern public education platform for access to information, creating opportunities to learn, grow, and empower individuals, and building a stronger community.   Objective: In response to Phailin disaster, OSA […]

Letter to Secretary Sri Aditya Padhi

Dated: Jan 27, 2015 Greetings! On behalf of the Odias of North America, I need a small help from you. Very briefly, we raised about 40 Lakhs Rupees amongst ourselves, in the wake of Phailin disaster in Odisha, to help the major affected regions with some long-term help. We have donated that funds to the […]

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