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Brief update on progress 2/1/2017

Here is a brief photo-log of progress As the dear reader will appreciate there is much work, discussion, coordination behind the scenes.

We have now constructed two restrooms at either ends of the library area — one for ladies and the other for men. This was a basic requirement for us for the public library paradigm. See picture on the left.



This is our main computer-device populated eLibrary room. The floor and roof has been remodeled and existing shelves renovated. The next picture shows that several A/C units have been now installed. The newer photo of this main computer room is shown next.




Further progress in installing Fans, Lights, and A/C.




The second room, shown below, is a bit larger and is meant for occasional rented public events, library education/media events, traditional reading room, children activity/book-reading, lectures, librarian office, etc.

Picture to the left shows the renovation work and the righ picture shows that the A/C units and also installed here for occasional, paid use.





The following is the equipment plan as originally tendered. We have recently revised it to make even more effective and appropriate at least cost — despite using the government procurement system. The link to the original tender created is here: eLibrary-system-tender-original

Updated: February 4, 2017 — 1:57 pm

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