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Library Rules notification in Odisha news (Dharitri Aug 9) — see the image on left. Reference: Dharitri News

Here is another news source:

On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 7:36 AM, Dr. Darshan Patra <> wrote:

This is great news (seems finally!). Let’s get the copy of the rules notification ASAP and put it up in our public library website so we have a reminder and quick reference for all. What I was still a bit disappointed is that vigorous input should have been taken from the intelligentsia and citizens for drafting the rules themselves — all we got was a onetime snippet showing of the rules earlier. Yet, we savor that at least some legislative action for implementation is finally taken. Now, we have to remain vigilant and guide them to its execution and polishing it further for a future legislative update to the Rules.

This still does not make our libraries “centers of knowledge and training, of discovery and democratic deliberation” until the State and others pull up the standards of the public libraries, and build and deploy necessary digital and non-digital infrastructure and integration.  This requires yet another set of actions that are even harder — going beyond the passing of the rules.
Thank you

On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 7:07 AM, Sandip Dasverma <> wrote:

Dear Nishikanta:
Can we get a copy of the Notification? In our two years (not hours) work, all we have achieved would be this. Though it was another decade and half that it was lying in the cold storage – it is now going to be functional.
As you know digitization has been left out and that will take a lot of work to update the current rules.
Any way we can’t pat ourselves in the back because Prasana babu had done, all the work earlier – and we just came in late to push it through the door. A decade and half later.
You should however share the notification, when you receive it – so the OSA members, get a sense of what little, we have done in last 3 years. This will also may be bring in younger folks, younger to your generation to this movement of “Reeducation” of the masses, in these “disruptive technological time”.
Let this re-energize us and fill our Lung with new air.
Kudos & Best wishes,

On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 6:12 AM, Nishikanta Sahoo <> wrote:

Dear Friends,
The “Odisha Public Library Rule” has been approved by Odisha cabinet today, since the Library Act passed in 2001.
The following is the e-mail from the current Hon’able Culture Minister Sri Ashok Chandra Panda who was a panel speaker in 2015 OSA seminar on “Need and Impact of Modern Public Libraries in Odisha” in Washington, DC and promised to expedite the Rules notification which is needed to implement at districts, blocks level and will provide necessary funding and Govt. support to the libraries. During Dec. 2015, OSA Public Library Open House in BBSR with support from Bakul and Praful Library, the culture secretary Sri Manoranjan Panigrahi also assured to expedite the rules notification.
Thank you for all your help, support, good wishes, guidance, and encouragement over the years in this effort.
( On behalf of the committee for OSA Public Library Initiatives )
On Monday, August 8, 2016 4:57 AM, Ashok Panda wrote:

Odisha cabinet today approved odisha library rules

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Updated: August 9, 2016 — 10:44 am

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  1. Friends, I am sharing a message I got from my local city public library. I don’t know about you but I am truly impressed by what public libraries can do to make a strong difference in and benefit to public’s life. I am hoping we will reach this sort of service capacity and development in a few years in Odisha/India. Please see below the message I got from City of Chandler Public Library:

    Student Educational Series
    R.S. Johnson from City of Chandler · 3m ago
    High school can be challenging, academically and socially. Teens are invited to join us for an educational series of talks with ASU MSW Interns Julianne and Steven throughout this school year at the Chandler Hamilton Library. The presentations will provide teens with the tools to be successful in life. They will receive educational materials on each topic, learn strategies that can be implemented to change behavior, reduce stress, and develop effective communication skills.

    Topics covered include:
    August 11th – “What it takes to be successful in life”

    August 25th – “Improving your communication skills”

    September 15th – “Are you struggling with depression or anxiety?”

    September 29th – “Strategies for managing stress”

    October 27th – “Cyberbullying and Internet Safety”

    November 10th – “Teen Brain Development”

    December 1st – “Building your confidence/self-esteem”

    December 15th – “Are you engaging in drugs and/or self-harm?”

    January 19th – “Understanding Addictive Behavior”

    February 2nd – “Strengthening your relationship with your family”

    February 16th – “Conflict resolution and effective communication”

    March 2nd – “Are you engaging in self harm behavior?”

    March 30th – “What it takes to become a leader”

    April 13th – “Active listening – do you really hear what others say?”

    April 27th – “Effective ways to deal with stress”

    May 11th – “Understanding the risks of prescription drug abuse”

    Program times are 2:20pm – 3:20pm and meet in the Program Room of the Chandler Hamilton Library. For more information, please call 480-782-2800 or go to…

    Shared with 50 neighborhoods in City of Chandler in General


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