Board of Directors:

Dr. Sri Gopal Mohanty
266 Lloyminn Ave
Ancaster ONT L9G 1J1
phone: 9056480203
Email: mohanty at mcmaster dot ca

Dr. Priyadarsan Patra (Founding and Past Chair)
Location: Chandler, AZ and Bhubaneswar, India
Email: ppatra at seedsnet dot org

Dr. Gopal Mohapatra (Treasurer)
9617 Mariposa St
Houston, Texas 77025
Tel: 7136149950 Email: gkmohapatra @ gmail dot com

Dr. Abani Patra,  Chair      
605 Furnas Hall, Dept. of Mech. Eng.,        
SUNY-Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260        
Tel: 716-645-2593×2240
Email: abani at eng.buffalo dot edu

Dr. Dhanada K. Mishra
Human Development Foundation, Orissa, India
Email: dhanadam at gmail dot com


Other active volunteers who may be contacted:

Mr. Sandip Dasverma, Ms. Ranu Mahanti, Ms. Mamata Misra, Mr. Subhas Choudhury, Prof. Lalu Mansinha, Dr. Sikhanda Satapathy, Prof. S.P. Mohanty, Mr. Pranabesh Dash, et al.


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