Articles and Documents on Low-cost, Modern Public Library

Following is a set of initial presentations, whitepapers or documents related to the Public Library Initiative. It’s not meant to be exhaustive. Please click through to read them at your convenience to understand this effort. Modern Public Libraries for Odisha is A Must Guidelines for library construction and budget Library User Group Basic Library Cost Estimate […]

Inauguration of the Odisha Public eLibrary

We are very happy that our effort, after 2+ years of ups and downs, now has an identifiable form. The Odisha Public eLibrary was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Odisha on this day, August 31st, 2017. Turns out the Berhampur (Brahmapur) city, the location of our eLibrary, just celebrated its 150th Anniversary.   We, […]

Odisha Public eLibrary is slated for inaugural on Aug 31,2017

Public libraries play a crucial role in development of any society, as it provides an egalitarian, secular platform for informal education and training to all. In the aftermath of 2013 Phailin disaster in Ganjam area, several members (Non-resident Odias) of Odia organizations in North America, such as OSA and SEEDS, raised some donation for the […]

Brief update on progress 2/1/2017

Here is a brief photo-log of progress As the dear reader will appreciate there is much work, discussion, coordination behind the scenes. We have now constructed two restrooms at either ends of the library area — one for ladies and the other for men. This was a basic requirement for us for the public library […]

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