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Khan Academy Without Internet (KAWI) For a few months I had been thinking about making the Khan Academy system available to children/schools/institutions offline (without need for Internet or wireless). I have now experimented with the system and have it nominally working in my own lab — after disconnecting all internet. What is interesting is that the prototype has not only the usual KA videos but also it has a built in system to generate exercises/tests for each individual student and keep track of their progress through the concepts/areas (however, only for the Math courses). A teacher can also serve as a mentor instead of the traditionally (and faulty) conduit for delivery of content only! This work also ties nicely with my earlier experiments with “Computing for the Masses (CfM)”, because this system can work on an individual computer or locally connected computers (the latter being what I had created as CfM). It also has a bunch of college/+2-level materials including specialized training for IIT-Entrace exams, etc..

We have just started several small experiments in Bhubaneswar, Brahmapur, Cuttack, and Rourkela in Odisha, Coimbatore in Tamilanadu, and one for Sri Lanka. We hope to learn some.

Some additional remarks:
1) The current videos and instruction pages are all in English. How and what to translate or voice-over in Odia vernacular. I met with a couple young chaps near Brahmapur who have been developing software in Odia and some for Odia-medium schools. Would like to watch and mentor..
2) what and how to augment in areas/topics that the base set does not include. Need people with Google appengine/python skills.
3) how to deploy and scale
4) how to get Khan Academy to help out and collaborate.

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