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Sustainable Economic & Educational Development Society (SEEDS)

Who We Are


SEEDS is a registered 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization in the USA. SEEDS-India is also a registered charity in India. Our supporters can therefore make tax-deductible donations in the USA in dollars and in India in INR as permitted by law. SEEDS is an all-volunteer organization. While financial contribution is important, SEEDS is also heavily dependent on the time and skills contributed by our dedicated volunteers towards SEEDS activities and projects.


Our members believe in the objectives and values of SEEDS, participate actively in deliberations, and provide long term financial or volunteer support to projects sponsored by SEEDS. “SEEDS has been an education in ‘life’ for each one of us,” Says Dhanada Mishra, a long standing member, “Interacting with people struggling with challenges of life in remote rural areas, appreciating their challenges and playing a role however small in helping them overcome the challenges, has given us an exposure, without which education would have remained dry, purposeless, and incomplete.”


SEEDS works in partnership with nonprofit organizations and communities that know the local conditions, needs, resources, and possible solutions. When a proposed project aligns with SEEDS objectives and values, SEEDS supporters and members bring technical guidance as well as financial help that is catalytic in nature while the partners implement the project. Often the beneficiaries of the project provide in-kind help such as labor and sustainability plan. Ideal solutions emerge from working together in this way taking joint ownership.

Our Objectives


Promote educational and economic progress and development of the very needy in the state of Odisha, India and other parts of the world in general.


Financially and technically support development that is SUSTAINABLE (long-term, self-supporting, and environmentally non-predatory), NON-VIOLENT (without brute force), DEMOCRATIC, EQUITABLE (fair and just, more for the needy) and DECENTRALIZED (not imposed from above, grass-roots, and local/native solutions).


Support development and education that fosters awareness about rights and responsibilities among the people it seeks to help as well as among its own members, thus emphasizing a participatory consciousness.

A Few Recent Activities

Responding to Covid-19 Related Needs

Year 2020 imposed a special challenge because of the Covid -19 pandemic, lockdowns causing loss of livelihoods, and problems aggravated by cyclones and flooding in North Odisha. Our relief volunteers, working with several local nonprofit organizations provided food, medicine, masks, and safety awareness to the neediest. We supported small scale women entrepreneurs in making masks for distribution in rural areas. We supported the Stranded Workers Action Network (SWAN) to document the plights of migrant workers and connect them with help. We also supported several partner organizations to bring much needed relief to the areas affected by severe flooding during the pandemic. Now, in 2021, as the new variant has created a severe shortage of oxygen, we have procured two oxygen concentrators and are working to make them available for life saving use.

A New E-Library

Spearheaded by Prof. Priyadarsan Patra, a low-cost small electronic library, a learning system, and a network of computers was created that will benefit students and the citizenry at large around Adasapur in the Niali area. We partnered with the Gramina Sevak Samaj (GSS) group that has rented space and made it suitable for housing the library and computer center, and getting electricity and internet connection. Prof. Patra built the network of computers where the learning system was installed. 

A Multipurpose Hall for a High School

Construction started to augment the existing infrastructure of the Mukhura High School in Balasore to allow seminars, meetings, and events in addition to usage as class rooms.

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