Rural Math Talent Search (RMTS) project strives to identify and support promising youngsters in rural areas of Orissa from 6th Grade. There are roughly 800 thousand students in class six in Orissa alone; "RMTS is a modest way of overhauling the educational system, bringing the underprivileged class into main stream ...a ray of hope and a dream of the future in young boys and girls." Contact Prof. Swadhyn Pattanayak (our collaborator) in India or visit

Garampetta village is located just 100 meters from the sea. The households in the village total 270. All the families depend on fishing. There are 182 Pucca houses in the village while 98 families inhabit the old Garamapetta near the sea. All the 98 houses have been completely damaged by the cyclone Phailin. There is primary school up to standard V. The village bore the brunt of cyclone and subsequent flood. The village remained water-logged for over 12 days when communication and power were completely cut off.

What is Mahila Shanti Sena? It is a peace movement to empower women in order to build a peaceful and just society, to raise mass awareness among women to realize their potential, to focus on problems facing women such as violence, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and neglect, and to promote Gandhian tradition of engaging in constructive village service. Participation in MSS peace movement is open to both men and women.

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